BedBug 360 Repellent Spray


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Bedbugs may be the world’s most unwanted hitchhikers.  They can hitchhike in luggage, backpacks, handbags, clothes, books, and computers. Unfortunately, our normal day-to-day activity puts us all at risk of bringing bedbugs home from places we may not even consider…….libraries, hospitals, restaurants, movie theaters, cabs or Uber.  Everyone in a service industry is at risk, police, fire, EMT’s, home health nurses, medical centers, and doctor’s offices.  We need a convenient effective repellent for WORK, SCHOOL, and TRAVEL.

Introducing BedBug 360’s Bedbug Repellent Spray.  Available in a convenient travel size, 3.4 oz., and a work and home size, 16 oz.  BedBug 360’s Repellent Spray lasts up to 24 hours, keeping bedbugs at a distance.  BedBug 360’s Repellent Spray is university tested to repel bedbugs up to 9 feet.

BedBug 360’s Repellent Spray can be used as follows…..

  • Back seat of a police car
  • Patient area of an ambulance
  • Spray the bottom of your pants before entering homes
  • Spray a hotel towel before setting suitcase down
  • Spray airline seat
  • Spray corners of bed legs
  • Spray theater seats

…..and many other uses.

It’s common sense, but the best advice is……DON’T BRING THEM HOME!

Registration Requirements-The active ingredient in this product is a minimum risk pesticide and is exempt from product registration under FIFRA Sec. 25(b).


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