Bed Bug 360 Balls — 3 Pak with FREE SHIPPING


Here’s some more news to bug you. Bed bugs are perfect travelers. They can sneak into your clothes, luggage, bags or other possessions from an airplane seat, easily clear customs and then hitch a ride to your home unnoticed.

Once in your home, each can lay hundreds of eggs and result in an infestation, which can cost hundreds, to thousands of dollars to eradicate.

And that really, really bites.

Registration Requirements-The active ingredient in this product is a minimum risk pesticide and is exempt from product registration under FIFRA Sec. 25(b)

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No one wants bedbugs in their home.  Unfortunately, bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers.  They can stow away in luggage, backpacks, handbags, clothes, books, and even computers.  When they do, they end up in your house.  It’s common sense, but the best advice is…..DON’T BRING THEM HOME!

Introducing BedBug 360 Repellent Balls.  A simple “set it and forget it” method to keep bedbugs away.  Perfect for TRAVEL, SCHOOL, WORK, and HOME.  BedBug 360 Repellent Balls can be used in multiple areas.

  • Luggage when traveling
  • Hotel room drawers and closets
  • In bed when sleeping on a shared mattress
  • Briefcases and handbags
  • Backpacks for school
  • Camp and camping
  • Lockers at school
  • Gym bags
  • Dorm rooms
  • Storage areas

The BedBug 360 Repellent Balls drive bedbugs away creating up to a 9 foot radius of protection.  The UNIVERSITY TESTED formula can REPEL UP TO 60 DAYS.  Balls can be opened and closed to extend life.  With a light and refreshing scent, Bedbug 360 Repellent Balls is A MUST TRAVEL COMPANION.


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